Are you tired of the limited features of your current photo editing app? Have you heard about Pixellab mod apk, the app that unlocks a world of possibilities for your creative expression? It is a modified version of the popular Pixellab photo editing app. It offers additional features and tools not available in the original version.

With this modded app, you can create stunning designs and edit photos like a pro. You can use advanced text, stickers, shape tools, and much more. It also unlocks premium features such as 3D text, unlimited fonts, and the ability to remove watermarks from edited photos. Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or someone who loves to edit photos for fun. The editing app can help take your creative expression to the next level.

What Is Pixellab Mod Apk?

Pixellab Pro is a modified version of the popular Pixel Mod Apk Apk. It offers additional features and tools not available in the original version. With this modded app, you can create stunning designs and edit photos like a pro. It also unlocks pro features. The Pixellab app allows you to edit your presets. It can be used as ready templates by using this Pixellab ultra mod apk.

Why Choose Pixellab?

People use it for various reasons. One of the main reasons is its versatility and ease of use. With this app, you can create amazing designs. You can create amazing designs with just a few taps.

It is also a great tool for social media enthusiasts, business owners, and influencers. Those who want to create engaging and visually appealing content for their audience. Pixellab’s latest version is a powerful yet simple photo editing tool. It can help anyone create professional-looking designs and enhance their photos!

Features Of Pixellab Premium Apk

Pixellab unlocked apk offers a wide range of features and tools to help you create stunning designs. Allows you to edit photos with ease. Some of its most notable features include:

Advanced Text Tool

The Advanced Text Tool is one of the standout features of Pixellab mod. It allows users to create unique and visually appealing text designs by offering a wide range of customization options. With this tool, users can adjust the size, color, font, alignment, and position of their text. Additionally, the Advanced Text Tool offers a 3D text option.

advanced text tools

This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to create customized and visually appealing text designs. Using the Advanced Text Tool in Pixelab mod apk is easy and intuitive. Users simply select the tool from the menu at the bottom of the screen, and then customize the text. They can choose from a wide range of fonts, and adjust the size and color of the text.

Sticker And Shape Tools

The tool in the Pixellab mod app allows users to add pre-made shapes and stickers to their designs. These tools can help users create visually appealing designs quickly. It can easily by providing a library of pre-made images and shapes that they can choose from.

sticker tool pixellab mod apk

The Sticker Tool includes a library of pre-made stickers that users can easily add to their designs. While the Shape Tool allows users to add various geometric shapes to their designs. This tool is a great option for anyone. Who want to add extra visual elements to their designs without spending a lot of time creating them from scratch.

Image Editing Tools

The Image Editing Tools in Pixelab premium apk are a set of features. It allows users to edit and enhance their images. These tools include options for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue.

The users can apply various filters to their images to create different effects, such as black and white, and sepia. It’s a great option for users who want to take their photos to the next level.

3d text of Pixel Mod Apk

This feature in the latest version of this apk is an advanced tool that allows users to create three-dimensional text within their designs. With this feature, users can choose from a variety of 3D text styles, including extruded, beveled, and curved options. They can also adjust the depth, angle, and lighting of the 3D text to create custom effects.

add 3d text in remini apk

The 3D Text feature is a great option for users who want to add extra dimension and visual interest to their designs. Using the 3D Text feature in this Pixellab Pro Apk is simple and intuitive. Users can access this feature by selecting the “3D Text” option from the menu at the bottom of the screen. From there, they can choose from a variety of 3D text styles and customize the look of their text using the available options.

Unlimited Font Families

This is a powerful feature that allows users to access a vast library of fonts for their designs. With this feature, users can choose from an unlimited selection of font families, including popular fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, and Helvetica, as well as more unique and creative options.

unlimied fonts and families

The Unlimited Font Families feature is a great option for users who want to add a personalized touch to their designs and make them stand out. Users can access this feature by selecting the “Text” option from the menu at the bottom of the screen and then choosing the font style they want to use.

Water Removal

Water removal feature that allows users to remove unwanted watermarks or logos from images. With this feature, users can quickly and easily erase watermarks, text, or any other unwanted elements from their photos, leaving behind a clean and polished final image.

The Water Removal feature is a great option for users who want to remove distractions from their images and create a more professional look.

User-Friendly Interface

The User-Friendly Interface feature in Pixellab 2023 is one of its most important and valuable features. This feature ensures that the app is easy to use and navigate, even for users who are new to graphic design.

user friendly interface pixellab premium

The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, with a simple layout that makes it easy for users to access all the app’s features and tools. The User-Friendly Interface feature is a great option for users who want to create professional-looking designs without having to spend hours learning how to use complicated software. You can use Koloro Mod Apk, which is similar to this app.

Background Removal

The Background Removal feature in Pixellab rexdl is a powerful tool that enables users to remove the background of an image quickly and easily. This feature is especially useful for users, especially who want to create transparent backgrounds for their designs, as well as remove unwanted objects from their images.

pixellab mod apk

Using this feature. users can simply select the area of the image that they want to remove, and the app will automatically remove the background, leaving only the object or person in the image. This feature is highly intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible even to users who have no experience with graphic design. It is also highly accurate, ensuring that the removal process is precise, which allows users the resulting image looks clean and professional.

Export Options

Export options allow users to export their designs in different formats like PNG, JPEG, and Web Formats, depending on their needs. This is particularly useful for users who want to share their designs on different platforms or use them for different purposes.

export options

For example, users can export their designs in PNG format to share on social media and also use them in presentations or web designs. Users can adjust the image quality, resolution, and other settings to ensure that their exported designs look great and meet their specific requirements.


The mod app offers an Ads-free feature that eliminates all the annoying advertisements, that would usually pop up while using the app. This feature is one of the most sought-after among users who are tired of constant interruptions while working on their designs.

no ads in pixellab premium apk

With this feature, users can focus on their designs without any distractions and work seamlessly on their creative projects.

How To Download And Install Pixellab Pro Apk

To download and install this wonderful apk, simple steps you have to follow to avoid any hassle.
You just have to make sure you have followed the complete steps. Here are a few steps:

  • Make sure you have uninstalled the old version of this app, and in case you have downloaded it already.
  • Go to a trusted website like ( and search for “PixelLab Pro Mod APK.”
  • Now click the Download button on your device.
  • Before installing the app, then go to your device’s settings, and now enable installation from unknown sources.
  • Install the APK file on your device.
  • Open PixelLab’s latest premium version and enjoy the additional features.

How to Use Pixellab Mod Apk

Using Pixellab is very easy if you don’t know how to use it, no need to worry I got a solution for you. Just follow these simple steps then you will be able to use this amazing app. Here are a few steps:

  • Download and Install it from ( on your Android device.
  • Select a background image for your design or create a new canvas.
  • Choose the text tool to add text to your design. Customize the font, color, and size according to your preferences.
  • Use the advanced text tool to add effects to your text, such as shadows and 3D effects.
  • Add stickers and shapes to your design using the sticker and shape tools.
  • Use the image editing tools to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other settings of your image.
  • Remove the background of an image using the background removal tool.
  • Add 3D text to your design using the 3D text tool.
  • Preview and edit your design as needed.
  • Export your design in various formats, including PNG, JPG, and PDF.
  • By following these steps, you can easily use Pixellab mod apk to create stunning designs with ease.


Yes, it is completely safe to use. Don’t worry your privacy or data will not be affected.

Yes, you can download it for free. It is a modified version of the original app, which means it offers additional features and tools not available in the original version.

Very easy to get download it from our website. Or if you don’t want to get the mod version, then you can download it from Play Store. However, the mod version provides premium features free of cost.

To install this apk for free of cost you just have to follow the above steps which are explained. How you can easily download it

Yes, you can use it without an internet connection. However, some features, such as the ability to download new fonts or stickers, may require an internet connection.

Yes. of course it is, you can easily use it on yours.


Pixellab mod apk is a versatile and powerful photo editing tool that offers an array of features and tools to help you create wonderful designs and enhance your photos. With its easy-to-use interface and user-friendly tools, it is an excellent option for anyone who wants to take their photo editing skills to the next level. Overall, Pixellab is a fantastic app that can help you unleash your creativity and create visually appealing designs and images.