Do you love capturing moments and telling stories through your videos, but find the limitations and watermarks of your current video editing app frustrating? If so, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there’s a solution, Filmic Pro Mod APK. With this app, you can unlock the full potential of your videos by accessing all the features and settings that were previously unavailable. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a hobbyist, Filmic Mod APK can take your video editing to the next level.

What is Filmic Pro Apk?

Filmic Pro is a professional video camera application designed for filmmakers, videographers, and enthusiasts who demand high-quality videos. This app offers advanced features and settings, allowing users to create stunning videos with their mobile devices. You can control the focus, exposure, white balance, and other settings to achieve the desired result.

What is Filmic Pro Mod Apk?

Filmic Pro Mod APK is a modified version of the original Filmic Pro app, offering additional features and functionalities that are not available in the standard version. This modded version provides users with more control over their videos and eliminates the limitations and watermarks that come with the standard app. Users can access advanced features like focus pulling, color grading, and custom frame rates. Allow for more creative control over the final video output.

You can create high-quality videos with advanced features and settings without having to pay for a premium version. This apk offers you to shoot high-quality videos in various resolutions and frame rates. This app supports up to 4K resolution at 100Mbps, ensuring that your videos look sharp and detailed. You can also shoot videos in slow motion or timelapse mode, providing more creative options for your videos.

Why Choose Filmic Premium Mod Apk?

It is a great choice for video enthusiasts who want to unlock the full potential of their videos. Here are some reasons to choose Filmic Pro Apk Mod:

  • Better quality videos and audio recordings.
  • More control over the camera settings.
  • Ability to adjust focus and zoom during recording.
  • Free focus pulls speed to create professional-looking videos.
  • Multiple video and audio codecs for optimal compatibility.
  • Save custom camera profiles for future use.
  • Compatible with external accessories such as gimbals and lenses.
  • Vertical and landscape orientations for more versatility.
  • Time-lapse recording for creating time-lapse videos.
  • Image stabilization to ensure smoother and more stable videos.

Features Of Filmic Pro Mod Apk for Android

Here are the lists of most favorite features of Filmic Apk Mod.

Frame Rates

Frame rates are a crucial aspect of video recording, as they determine how many frames are recorded per second. In Filmic Pro’s latest version, users have the ability to select from a variety of frame rates, including slow-motion and fast-motion options.

Slow-motion frame rates typically record more frames per second than standard frame rates, resulting in slowed-down footage that appears smoother and more cinematic. On the other hand, Fast-motion frame rates record fewer frames per second than standard frame rates, resulting in sped-up footage that can be used for creative effect.

frame rates in filmic pro mod apk

Using this app users have a range of frame rate options to choose from, including 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, and 60 frames per second. This allows users to customize the frame rate settings based on the specific needs of their project. For example, a slower frame rate may be suitable for capturing detailed and high-quality footage, while a faster frame rate may be more appropriate for capturing fast-paced action scenes.

Easy To Use

It refers to its user-friendly interface and simple navigation. Even beginners can easily access and control the app’s features without any difficulty. The app’s interface is designed with a minimalistic approach, allowing users to focus on their video capturing rather than getting overwhelmed by the numerous features.

The menus and icons are placed in a logical and intuitive manner, making it easy for users to understand. Additionally, the app provides detailed explanations and guides for each feature. It ensures that users can easily navigate and use the app to its fullest potential.

Use your own Android Smartphone as a Cinematic Movie Recorder Kit

It allows users to transform their smartphones into professional cinematic recording devices. With this feature, users can shoot high-quality videos without the need for expensive equipment. Particularly useful for independent filmmakers or videographers who want to capture footage on the go.

Cinematic Movie Recorder kit

Users can shoot high-quality videos with various options such as adjusting frame rates, focus, and exposure. Moreover, this feature allows users to record videos with multiple cameras simultaneously. With Filmic cinematic mod apk, users can turn their smartphone into a powerful and versatile tool for capturing cinematic footage. This feature saves users both time and money, making it a popular choice for both amateur and professional videographers. You can use filmic pro mod apk with a cinematographer kit for free of cost, after installing it from our website.

Manage the Focus Zoom

It allows users to have complete control over their camera’s focus and zoom. With this feature, users can easily adjust the focus and zoom to capture sharp and detailed images and videos. The focus and zoom controls are easy to use and can be accessed directly from the app’s interface.

manage focus zoom in filmic pro mod apk

Users can simply tap on the screen to adjust the focus or use two fingers to zoom in or out. The app also provides advanced manual controls, allowing users to set the focus and zoom to specific values for even more precise results. It is especially useful for professional videographers and photographers, Who need to capture high-quality footage with precise focus and zoom. It can also be used by amateur users who want to improve the quality of their photos and videos by having greater control over the camera settings.

Verticle and Landscape Orientation

As you know that most people capture photos, and shoot videos from all angles. Then, this feature offers vertical and landscape orientations, providing flexibility for users to choose their preferred orientation for video recording. It allows users to capture content in either portrait or landscape mode, depending on the desired effect or use of the video.

The vertical orientation is suitable for platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, while the landscape orientation is ideal for YouTube and other video-sharing platforms.

vertical and horizontal orientation

The orientation can be easily adjusted by rotating the device, making it convenient for users to switch between modes during recording. This feature is especially useful for vloggers and content creators who need to adapt to various video requirements.

Moreover, this feature also allows users to create a consistent look for their video content, no matter the orientation. It ensures that the video is recorded with the same aspect ratio, making it easier to edit and combine videos. Users can also preview the orientation in real time while recording, ensuring that the footage is captured exactly as desired.

Time-lapse Recording

Filmic Pro Mod APK offers a time-lapse recording feature that allows users to create amazing time-lapse videos. This feature enables users to capture images at predetermined intervals and then stitch them together into a video that shows the passage of time. With this feature, users can capture beautiful sunsets, changing weather patterns, and the hustle and bustle of city life, all in stunning time-lapse videos.

The app allows users to adjust the interval at which images are captured, giving them more control over the final video. Additionally, users can adjust the exposure settings, focus, and zoom while recording, ensuring that their time-lapse videos are of the highest quality. It is very easy to use, you can use this feature with minimal effort.

Make your Own Presets

You can use and save custom camera settings and apply them to future recordings. This feature enables users to capture videos with consistent settings and speeds up the recording process. Creating presets is a straightforward process that involves adjusting camera settings such as ISO, shutter speed, focus, and exposure compensation and saving them as a preset for future use. Users can create multiple presets to cater to different shooting scenarios.

This feature provides flexibility and convenience for users, especially for those who frequently shoot videos in varying environments. It also allows users to experiment with different camera settings and create their unique styles and aesthetics.

Additionally, the ability to create and save presets makes it easier to share camera settings with other users, saving them time and effort in setting up their cameras. Overall, the make-your-own presets in the Filmic apk download feature enhance the user experience and enable users to capture high-quality videos with ease.

Image Stabilization

Filmic Pro Mod APK has an image stabilization feature that ensures that the footage you capture is smooth and stable. This feature is essential for videographers who need to record footage while in motion. It eliminates the shakiness that may occur when capturing footage on a handheld device, giving you a professional-looking video.

image stabilization in filmic pro apk

This also compensates for the camera’s movement, making it easier to capture high-quality footage. Uses advanced algorithms to stabilize the footage you capture. These algorithms analyze the movement in the footage and adjust the image to ensure that it stays stable.

It compensates for motion in multiple directions, ensuring that the footage remains stable even when the camera moves in different directions. This makes it possible to capture high-quality footage, even when moving quickly or capturing footage in difficult conditions.

Share Your Project

One of the most important features of Filmic Mod Pro is the ability to easily share your projects with others. This feature allows you to quickly and easily export your videos and share them with your friends, family, or followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook.

The app supports a variety of video formats, allowing you to export your videos in high quality and share them on any platform you choose. Additionally, you can also export your videos directly to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, making it easy to access your projects from anywhere.

Sharing your projects on social media is an excellent way to get your work noticed and build your audience. With Filmic Pro Mod APK, you can quickly and easily share your projects with the world. The app also includes a variety of export options, allowing you to customize your video settings and choose the best format for your platform of choice.

Audio Quality of the Video

The app allows you to adjust microphone levels, choose between different audio sources, and monitor audio levels in real time. This ensures that you can capture clear and high-quality audio in your videos. Moreover, the Filmic apk comes with advanced audio processing features like compression, limiter, and equalizer, which you can use to enhance your audio recordings.

improve audio quality

You can also use the app to capture audio in stereo, which gives your videos a more immersive and realistic sound. With the ability to capture high-quality audio, the Filmic Pro mod app is a must-have app for anyone who wants to create professional-quality videos.

However, it is worth noting that the quality of the audio in your videos also depends on the quality of the microphone and other external audio equipment you use. While filmic mod pro apk offers advanced audio features, it cannot compensate for poor quality external audio equipment.

Therefore, to get the best audio quality, it is recommended to use high-quality external microphones and other audio equipment along with the app.

How to Download and Install Filmic Pro Mod Apk

Very simple steps to download and install the Filmic Patched apk

  • Uninstall the old version of filmic pro, if you have installed it earlier.
  • Now allow the Unknown Sources of your Android settings, if you did not allow it before.
  • Then click the download button.
  • Downloading will start automatically.
  • Enjoy the latest version of filmic pro apk.


No, you can use Filmic Apk on your Android smartphone without any special equipment. However, to get the best results, it is recommended to use external accessories such as gimbals and lenses.

Yes. Of course, it supports external microphones, allowing you to record high-quality audio to go with your videos.

Of course, it is safe to use. If you download it from, then there will be no issue will come.

We are providing you with fully unlocked features apk for free of cost. You can get it premium version from GooglePlay. When you download it from there, you have to buy subscriptions. That’s why we recommend you download it from our website, then is no need to buy any kind of subscription.


The Filmic Pro mod apk offers a plethora of features to enhance your video recording experience. Its the ability to use your own Android smartphone as a cinematic movie recorder, and manage focus and zoom. The app provides an excellent opportunity for filmmakers, content creators, and anyone who wants to capture high-quality videos. Therefore, we highly recommend downloading this amazing apk to make the most out of your smartphone’s camera and take your videos to the next level.